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Our 30A is an awesome blog.


Joe Weaver

For some its that first hint of saltwater and the smell of the ocean carried on the breeze.  For others, its the cold drink at their favorite bar after hours on the road. For everyone, its quiet reflection at dusk when the ocean and sky merge into a fiery array of colors in a final salute to another perfect day. Whatever your personal moment, there is a unique bond to this world that can only be found on Scenic Route 30A.

That visceral connection to this strip of land nestled in the Gulf of Mexico is a concept we understand here at Our 30A. In fact, this website was born from the desire to embrace the beauty, people, and culture of that special area. Our 30A is the touchstone for the unique community that has formed around the mutual enjoyment and appreciation of South Walton, Florida. Our30A community understand that we aren't technically locals, but we are far more than tourists. 30A is our escape, our fulfillment, our memories, it is our second home. Come join us at Our 30A. We will see you down there!