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Turtle Conservation

Joe Weaver

"Protect what you love." That sentiment is so firmly engrained in our consciousness that it is a pillar of modern society. Be it friends and family, a beloved pet, a precious heirloom, that classic car in the garage, or a strip of sand that lies across the panhandle of Florida, humans innately safeguard those things most sacred to them.

We here at Our 30A realize that conservation is crucial when it comes to preservation of "The Souths Backyard." 30A's vibrant, beautiful, relaxing environment keeps us coming back year after year, but maintaining that pristine area requires real work and dedication.

Unlike others that may see 30A as a place to swoop in and make a quick buck, Our 30A is committed to helping keep 30A a thriving, sustainable community for generations to come.

To ensure that commitment to this delicate area, Our 30A recently partnered with the South Walton Turtle Watch ( to raise money for sea turtle conservation in the South Walton ecosystem. We designed a custom shirt specifically for this charity event and 15% of proceeds of each "Turtle Shirt" sale will to help provide, and protect, the sea turtle population of 30A.

We are proud to be a part of this cause and want to thank the volunteers, supporters and everyone who has purchased a shirt to help conserve this fragile and amazing 30A ecosystem.

"Protect what you love," is more than just a motto here at Our 30A.